Tenants / Donors

Hire and manage your property by the GTI-GPI Group this is :

  • Obtain a financial guarantee from the lessee; For example, A rigorous selection of tenants and a unique method of solvency verification.
  • Obtain a guarantee of payment of the rents; For example, An insurance of unpaid rents; Very competitively priced without deductible.
  • Obtain a legal guarantee; For example, An integrated legal department, Without overcurring.
  • (Optional) Guaranteed profitability For example, A rental deficiency insurance in case of unrelated housing.

For our owners

The "just rent"

In order to let you know at what price you can rent your property, and find a tenant as soon as possible, the agency GTI GPI has developed the Market Comparative Analysis, rigorous method of estimation based on knowledge Of the local real estate market.

Study of the "tenant" file

Income and security guaranteed. For you, the Property Manager GTI GPI takes care of an exhaustive analysis of the different tenants (stability, solvency), ensures the collection and the repayment of the rents and preserves you of the unpaid by contributing to their recovery.

We are :

  • A rigorous choice of tenants and possible bank guarantees
  • In the drafting of leases,
  • To the precise establishment of the condition of entry and exit of the tenant,
  • We commission a certified and certified diagnostic expert to prepare the following documents :
    - D.P.E (Diagnostic de Performance Energétique) (décret 2006-1147 du 14.09.2006)
    - E.R.N.T. (Etat des risques naturels et technologiques) (décret du 15.02.05)
    - Plomb Diagnostic (For pre 1949 buildings) (loi du 25.04.2006)

Every month we carry out an audit of our tenants' multi - residential insurance contracts.

The unpaid

Unpaid rents, property deterioration, litigation with the tenant are real risks that you can be confronted with. We take care of the orders to pay by bailiff, the follow-up of the contentious procedure and the recovery of the unpaid

Insurance and its guarantees

Today no one is immune to an economic incident, the guarantee against delinquencies and damages is provided to you on option, it offers you a real income of substitution in case of problem of unpaid. In addition, the unpaid rent insurance premium is fully deductible from land revenues

Daily home monitoring

Our owners are informed in real time of any problems that may arise in their accommodation. The agency is doing everything in its power to solve them. A team of craftsmen and companies, loyal to the agency, assist us throughout the year :

  • Follow-up of work: drawing up estimates, relations with suppliers,
  • Follow-up of progress of works, control of the invoice, its regulation
  • Distribution of the invoice amount between tenant and owner
  • And its imputation for the tax deduction.
  • Possible claims with insurance claims,

We represent you

  • trustee agent
  • ASL meetings or condominiums
  • with insurance companies
  • with law firms
  • with the mediator in case of "owner / tenant" dispute
  • public services (town hall)

Our legal assistance

The GTI-GPI agency will bring you security. Adherent to the FNAIM, we have legal assistance, 7/7

Our accounting department puts at your disposal

  • the payment of charges to the trustee,
  • the distribution of these between the owner and the tenant
  • regularize rental charges.
  • rent rents to tenants, (notice of expiry)
  • payment by teletransmission of the monthly installments to the owners
  • re-publishing accounts quarterly and sending a detailed management report with all the transactions carried out on your account, in a clear and comprehensible way with their justifications in order to guarantee you full transparency .
  • rent review on the anniversary of the lease
  • garbage collection from your tenant (proof of property tax)
  • Once a year, we provide you with a tax return help document for your income *.

A tax adviser is at your service to advise you and help you to value your assets.The agency GTI-GPI has the privilege of having in its agency a certified real estate expert, member of the chamber of experts to evaluate your goods, under the following hypotheses : Report for the ISF, Evaluation of the whole portfolio, Sale, Sale of shares of SCI, Sharing.

Concernant nos locataires

  • In-depth study of the "candidate" file with document control
  • Establishment of bonding files - bank guarantee - CAF (family allowance fund)
  • Delivery of the tenant's booklet by the FNAIM (their rights and obligations)
  • We will take care of the return of the security deposit in accordance with the conditions set by law and with the allocation of the balances of charges and works due.
  • We help and advise them in their development or relocation,
  • Subscriptions to various services (water, edf, gdf,)
  • Multi-risk "home" insurance
  • List of schools for the registration of their children
  • The sports and associative centers of the commune
  • Craftsmen
  • Recreational or charitable associations of the city.


Thanks to us, praise the free spirit !