Member of the House of Experts Immobilier de France FNAIM

Sylviane Garrot-Philip

Sylviane Garrot-Philip

is part of the Chambre des Experts France real estate FNAIM (

Specificities :
Residential and residential real estate
Expertise in market value
Sylviane Garrot-Philip

Magali Four-Garrot

is part of the Chambre des Experts Immobiliers de France FNAIM (

Specificities :
Residential and residential real estate
Expertise in market value


Their activities

Several types of goods are concerned :

  • Real estate (houses, apartments, castles, Buildings)
  • Commercial real estate and industrial premises (workshops, factories, warehouses)
  • Commercial real estate offices (shops, shopping centers)
  • Commercial property
  • Agricultural real estate (Buildings, agricultural land, woods, forests)
  • Real estate hobbies
  • Building plots

In addition, the expert may intervene in the determination of rental values, leasehold rights, gate steps or entry fees.

Liability insurance

The FNAIM real estate expert is guaranteed professional liability for the determination of the market value of the property. Some of them have complementary assurances for specific research (termites, asbestos, lead).

The Charter of Expertise in Real Estate Valuation

The latest version of the Charter of Expertise in Real Estate Valuation was presented in Paris in 1998. This book, drawn up and signed by fourteen associations of real estate experts, determines the general conditions for the exercise of appraisal of real estate appraisal, includes a methodological guide on the valuation of real estate assets and a guide to due diligence, and Also sets out ethical principles. In this respect, it constitutes a substantial technical and ethical synthesis. A working group of the COB has made similar conclusions.

Several forms of expertise

Private expertise may be unilateral; The client wants to know the market value of a property during a sale, a purchase, an estate ... It is said to be amicable when the parties, by mutual agreement, entrust a mission to the expert . It is judicial when it arises from an order of a magistrate giving mission to an expert.

Offers of advice and services

  • buy, sale, rental of a property
  • area Carrez Law
  • community liquidation
  • succession, sharing and donation
  • expropriation or eviction
  • disputes with the tax administration
  • legal proceedings
  • valuation of a goodwill (right to the lease, rental value)
  • fusion, absorption and dissolution
  • mortgage loan (or similar)
  • company contribution
  • credit, leasing
  • Solidarity Tax on Fortune
  • Building audit Health


By visiting the property on site, the expert will analyze :

  • Its composition
  • Its environment
  • Its value in relation to the market

To do this, it will constitute a database composed of references of sales of real estate judiciously selected in the market in question.


After carrying out a detailed survey, the expert will study the various information documents (cadastre, easements, titles of property, property or owner's record, regulations and administrative texts) A careful study. He will analyze the good and confront it; Its references from a similar market. Then he will write a report making his conclusions. Depending on the mission and the type of property, the report must include various elements, including :

  • definition of the task entrusted and the type of property concerned
  • location of the property in its environment
  • physical description of the property, assignment and maintenance status
  • control of area
  • examination of the presence of termites, asbestos or lead ...
  • urban, legal and tax analysis
  • finding and finding easements
  • qualitative assessment, use, market conditions
  • local market study
  • applying methods
  • final evaluation, expert's comments
  • conclusions